tips for selling your luxury houseProtecting your personal space and privacy has always been important to you, and you want to continue to protect your assets even and especially when selling your luxury home. You certainly don’t want every homebuyer in your area driving through your neighborhood to check out your offerings, particularly if they’re not qualified to invest in a home of your caliber. You don’t want just “any” agent handling the sale of your property; you need an agent who is experienced in pricing, marketing, and closing the sale on luxury homes.

Selling your home doesn’t need to be a hassle with headaches. You can have a pleasurable experience if you prepare, research, and have the right team working toward your best interest. Your home is unique and has been designed with the creature comforts of a well-earned lifestyle. You need a real estate agent who specializes in the sale of luxury homes. Your real estate agent should know exactly how to price your home competitively and aggressively, market your type of property properly, should be available for personalized showings, and should be top notch with his or her communication skills.

Your home should be priced competitively and aggressively. This means your real estate agent should research similar properties in your area for sale so that your house can be properly priced, and should communicate with other real estate agents working with homes in your neighborhood. Over-pricing your house may lead to a longer listing and fewer offers.  The real estate market is governed by supply and demand, not by what you originally paid for your home or after-market upgrades.  Closing on a luxury home may take longer than the sale of an average house, so exercise patience in your real estate plans.

Many luxury homes are not listed openly or publicly, but are privately shown to pre-qualified buyers. Your agent should know how and where to market your home, and be available for personalized showings. Photographs of your house and video tours should be of high quality, done by professionals. There are times when a smart-phone snapshot just won’t do, and this is one of those occasions.  You aren’t marketing your home to an average audience, so your efforts to sell your home should also be above average.

Staging your house to sell is one of the most important things you can do.  Remove any personal items. Your potential buyers must be able to visualize themselves living in that space, which can be difficult to do if you have family photographs, personal awards, and trophies on display. Your home’s color scheme should be soft neutrals, and the house should be clean and tidy for viewings. If anything is broken, fix it. Curb appeal is of great importance, so make sure your home’s exterior is in good form and that your yard is properly manicured. Your potential buyers don’t want to think about projects and remodels, they want move-in-ready.

Consider the timing of the sale of your property. If yours is a waterfront property featuring active lifestyle opportunities, you should be marketing your home in late spring, summer, and early autumn. If your home offers remarkable mountain views and looks beautiful in snow-kissed weather, consider listing your home in late autumn and winter. Maximize your home’s lifestyle features by marketing your home during the proper season.

A home warranty can increase the amount of offers closer to your asking price, and could be the comfort and security a potential buyer needs before investing in a home of your quality. A home warranty can also prevent you from paying repair costs after closing. You may opt to include a home warranty with the sale of your house, particularly if you have certain luxuries such as pool and spa, fountains, high tech media items, complicated security systems, or other amenities and appliances that could mean expensive repairs to potential buyers.

With the right agent, high quality pictures and video tours, appropriate yet aggressive pricing, smart marketing, and the proper preparations, selling your luxury home should be a pleasurable experience. Choose your agent wisely. Your agent will use his or her expertise in the field to bring you the most value in your home-selling experience.

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