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When searching for your dream home, you’ve got to consider the desired lifestyles of each member of your growing family. Some family members may want to be near shops, restaurants, and thriving nightlife. Others may want to tee off on the golf course or go anchors away on open water. For family-friendly activities, you may want to live near parks, orchards, fairs, and festivals for the whole family to enjoy together. And, of course, your kids need excellent schools.

Macomb County Houses for SaleWouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to choose? What if one location could offer amenities to please everyone in the family without anyone having to sacrifice? Welcome to Macomb County, Michigan, a place where each member of your family can feel right at home.

Macomb County is in the eastern portion of Michigan, and is speckled with more than 130 parks covering approximately 12,000 acres, including four major parks in the county, over thirty miles of shorelines with over 100 marinas, and more than two dozen cities, townships, and villages. Here, you can find lakeside living, bustling nightlife, family friendly neighborhoods, excellent schools, more than twenty golf courses, several orchards, seven breweries, cultural arts, music, and more. Rich in history, there are more than fifty historic sites to visit in Macomb County, Michigan.

With a population under 900,000, Macomb County accounts for less than ten percent of Michigan’s total population. More than seventy five percent of Macomb County residents own their own homes, and more than eighty percent of homeowners stay in their homes for more than a year. Average annual income for these families is over $50,000 with the typical home valued slightly under $125,000. The common commute to work is less than thirty minutes.

There’s no need to sacrifice when it comes to finding the perfect dream home for your family. Fill everyone’s wish list by choosing to set your sights on Macomb County, Michigan for your family’s home. Home is where the heart is, but if you’ve got a heart for adventure, then Macomb County may have everything you’ve dreamed of for your family’s exciting lifestyle.